Mittwoch, 30. Dezember 2009

Task 1

Get to know how blogging works:

"Comment" on this post and write about one thing from your own culture that is typically American / German for you. This could be a thing, a certain behaviour, a place, or anything else. Then explain in about 50 words why you think it is typical.


  1. Hey guys,
    I guess a breakfast in Germany is a bit different than in America. First of all we eat a vaiety of breads with marmalade, jam and honey. But also cold meats like sausages and cheeses are served. Sausage is so ingained in our culture. Instead of "That's okay with me." we say "Es ist mir Wurst" ("It is sausage to me.")
    Despite of these things there's another important thing called "Muesli" on our brakfast table. It's a brakfast cereal with grains, fruits, seeds mixed with milk. Tea, coffee or cacao are the most common drinks.
    Bye for now...

  2. Hi at all!
    I think it's right that german breakfast is typically, but in my opinion the German punctuallity is rather important, because everybody from abroad says it's the most popular German attribute. And I guess that's right. For example my cousin in New Zealand always comes a few minutes (some times also hours) later online when we arranged to chat whith each other. This example shows, that people in other countries don't emphasize so much on punctuallity as Germans. So this attribute typical to Germans.

  3. Hmmm, well that sounds pretty good. Germany seems to have a much more healthy diet than America's. In the morning our food varies from cold pizza to cereal. Whatevers clever pretty much. How much time it takes to prepare food is a huge impact on Americans. With busy, fast lives; the quickest is the best. Our most common drinks are coffee, soda, milk, water, beer, and juice. Common foods on our tables are chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetables. The typical American dinner seems to be meat, vegetables and dinner rolls. I guess that wraps it up. See ya!

  4. Hello,

    So in america we dont natrually eat reagular breakfast foods. We normally like eat foods from the night before. Like if we eat pizza for dinner we eat it in the morning for breakfast. Sometimes we eat cereal or pop tarts or sumthin. But thats not how we roll. We like to have sweets and pops and things that arent nesaceraly good for you. But its all good cuz its DELICOUS. Me on the other hand im very into being heathy.i very rarely eat bad foods for breakfast. i think this is pretty typical because we dont really care about our heath. And its america we're the fatest country in the world which is not a suprize. I apreciate your contry because you guys care alot about heath and eating the right things.

  5. Hello,
    American breakfast is not as healthly as your breakfast. Typically we eat a variety of different foods, like fried potatoes, bacon, sausage, and ham. We also drink juices, water, and coffee. Americans love coffee. A busy place in America in the mornings is Starbucks Coffee. I personally love Starbucks too.
    Talk to you later.

  6. what it do baby boos,

    sorry if you didn't understand me that is just typical American slang. Just like "ima bout to hop in my scraper pick up this fine breezy and mobb over to a gig." This means i'm going to get my car pick up a beautiful girl and go to a party. Also we are noutious for our music and style obsession.

  7. Americans are very big on partying. Things such as beer pong, flip cup and kings cup are very common games played.

  8. Hmmm, something very American...
    One thing that I think is very American is that we can have our hamburgers any way we want.
    We even have specific restaurants made for customizing hamburgers.
    I've heard of one restaurant where you can put ANYTHING you want on your hamburger.
    One place even goes so far as to fry a glazed donut and use it as a bun. Crazy, right? More like majorly unhealthy.
    Americans eat way too much Fast Food.
    A friend of mine from Germany told me I was crazy to put cheese on my pretzels and peanutbutter on my apples. Great combinations.
    We have very different food here.

  9. I strongly agree with Kelcey. Their is a party every weekend.